1 Jul 2013

Mourning my pre-baby Wardrobe

…AND A GIVEAWAY! While cleaning out the closet a few weeks ago, I realised just how many pre-baby clothes I’d hung on to waiting for the constant belly expansion to be over. I’d kept them because they were either favourites or purchased only minutes before falling pregnant with Winnie and didn’t realise that I would be going back for seconds and thirds so quickly after the entrée. Whether my favourite black ripped jeans, or gorgeous white cocktail dress, I’d love to have the chance Read more […]

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21 Jun 2013
gross 1

Kids do the Grossest Things

Kids are gross, disgusting and always filthy. I’m probably not telling you anything new, hell, I think I worked it out with Winnie’s first poo explosion, my fears confirmed the first time she smeared her waste throughout the cot when I thought she was happily sleeping. While I’m talking poop, why the hell do kids constantly try and reach around to touch the crap while you’re changing their nappy? What’s the point? It takes ten times longer to get the job done, and both child and I Read more […]

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19 Jun 2013
frankie three months 3

Three Months Today

My beautiful baby Frankie is three months today. It’s hard to believe I’m saying that already but at the same time I feel like I should be posting out first birthday invites. Time moves far too quickly. So much has changed in the last three months. I’ve gained an extra smiling face in our household. I’ve moved Frankie from the hospital room, to the bassinet beside our bed, to a cot in her own bedroom. She’s had one hospital stay, two holidays and outgrown three clothing sizes so far. Read more […]

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18 Jun 2013
squaling 3

All in the Name of Fun

It’s a fact, we live through our kids. Not in a fanatical soccer parent kind of way, but in a ‘we smile when they smile’ way. Once upon a time, I would want nothing more than some Double Brie, a glass of Scotch and some quality company. No though, I’m spooning melted chocolate ice cream from a bucket, sitting in a gutter waiting to catch a glimpse of Daffy Duck and fishing for plastic crabs in hopes of winning a flat tennis ball.  All while enduring endless hours of squealing, and I love Read more […]

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14 Jun 2013
closet 3 real

Tonight, I’m Cleanin’ out my Closet

I’m sorry to say that a single snapshot of my house can often be likened to a jaw dropping ‘before’ photo. I really need to invest in one of those ‘the house was clean yesterday’ floor mats. The truth is, I spend the majority of my time trying to keep the main areas of the house clean, the ones that visitors will see, that I totally neglect the areas they hopefully won’t, like the closet. I had only baby Frankie with me for the day which, after having three crazies day in, day out, Read more […]

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13 Jun 2013
quiche 1

‘Clean Out Your Fridge’ Quiche

What I’m about to give you is a recipe for ‘Clean Out Your Fridge’ Quiche, but all you actually need is one simple rule that will help you create a quality dinner out of the squidgy veggies in the bottom of the crisper. GOLDEN QUICHE RULE: A dozen eggs to 600ml (large carton) of cream will give you a Quiche batter. If you always keep these two ingredients in the fridge, even if your perfectly planned afternoon of shopping and baking turns to donkey crap, you’ll still be able to Read more […]

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11 Jun 2013
chicken nuggets

The Speeding Fine

Yes, I was speeding. Yes, two mostly pleasant cops did pull me over and hit me with a speeding fine. Yes, I was only eight houses from home when it happened, I counted. Yes, I did have three screaming kids in the car, and was just trying to make it back to home base. No excuses though, I done bad. I simply hope those two pleasant police officers also managed to nab the jerks who screech past our house about six o’clock every night when the two babies are trying to go to sleep. They Read more […]

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10 Jun 2013
gold coast holiday 1

Taking the Holiday Plunge

  Even before I had kids, I’d always dreamed of creating lifelong holiday memories with my massive brood. I wanted to show them the world, explore beachfront campsites, wander through big city lights and open their eyes to the simple pleasures of a picnic lunch and a cricket set. Once the kids began to arrive, instead of being ecstatic that I might finally start exposing my kids to a thousand different holiday experiences, I continually came up with reasons why the time wasn’t right. The Read more […]

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30 May 2013
baby monitor 3

The Video Monitor

This is a story about how my middle child came to be the proud owner of a video monitor. Two year old Winnie, our eldest, has very rarely pushed the boundaries. She does what she is told when she is told, and has proven to be a great toe dipper into the world of parenting. Our second baby, one year old Pip, is the complete opposite. She not only pushes the boundaries, but paints them purple and sets them alight for good measure. I don’t think I’ve ever been angry over Pip’s behaviour Read more […]

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29 May 2013

Super Chewy Mini M&M Cookies

Winnie (two), and Pip (one), both woke up with a cold, again. Frankie (ten weeks) is still recovering from Bronchitis. It’s frustrating as a parent, I really don’t know how much more I can do to keep these kids runny nose free, no sooner have I washed the last lurgy out of the flannelette sheets that the next is wandering in the front door. Anyway, three sick kids meant another day in quarantine trying to save the rest of the neighbourhood from a similar fate. It’s a constant battle to find Read more […]

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